This release includes the following changes:

  • P4-UPF:

    • Fix an issue that was causing UE traffic to be dropped after restarting PFCP-Agent

    • Allow configuration of slice rate limits via PFCP-Agent REST APIs

    • Clean up app filter IDs when they are no longer used

  • ONOS:

    • Support canonical representation of byte-strings for outgoing P4Runtime messages

    • Support for in-order operations in the FlowRuleService

Known Limitations

  • Support for slice rate limits in P4-UPF comes with the following limitations that will be removed in SD-Fabric 1.2:

    • We only support setting the same rate for downlink and uplink. When different rates are provided using PFCP-Agent REST APIs, we pick the highest between downlink and uplink.

    • When using topologies with paired-leaves, if UE traffic is forwarded through the pair link, the slice rate limit will be enforced on the aggregate of uplink and downlink traffic. This can happen when the base station and/or the edge server/upstream router are not dual-homed. If all endpoints are dual-homed, then UE traffic if expected to use the pair link only in case of failures.

Component Versions

SD-Fabric ONOS



PFCP Agent

  • Image: omecproject/upf-epc-pfcpiface

    • For P4-UPF: master-2f04e3a

    • For BESS-UPF: master-9a4d86c

  • Repo: upf

    • For P4-UPF: 2f04e3abfd7ba5900e11ef03e602296f9e784f0e

    • For BESS-UPF: 9a4d86c654a9f60947ebf71d015d4781ed7a95a6


Helm Chart Versions