P4 Pipeline Tests (PTF)

PTF is a Python based data plane test framework. It is based on unittest, which is included in the standard Python distribution.

To test the P4 pipeline, we are using the following components:

  • PTF framework and tests

    • Installs table entries to the device.

    • Generate and verify the traffic.

  • Stratum: the software that process P4Runtime requests from PTF and configures the device.

  • The device under tests: can be software device like Tofino Model, or a hardware device.

  • TRex server: for the line rate test.


Test plans

See test plans section in the fabric-TNA repository

Run tests

See step to run tests section in the Fabric-TNA repository.

Test result

See test result section in the Fabric-TNA repository.

Contribute new test cases

See contribute new test cases section in the Fabric-TNA repository.