This release fixes a few issues we discovered with SD-Fabric 1.0.0 release.

  • Upgrade onos-classic helm chart to 0.1.26

    • Address the log4j2 security issue reported in CVE-2021-44228

  • Upgrade stratum helm chart to 0.1.18

    • Make chassis config part of the Helm value

  • Upgrade stratum image to stratum-bfrt: 21.12-9.5.0

    • Address the mastership election issue reported in SDFAB-812 and SDFAB-822

Component Versions

SD-Fabric ONOS image

  • tost: registry.aetherproject.org/tost/tost:1.0.0

Sub-component versions:

Stratum image

DBUF image

  • dbuf: registry.aetherproject.org/tost/dbuf:1.0.0

PFCP Agent image

  • pfcp-agent: omecproject/upf-epc-pfcpiface:master-fcdbc95

Helm Chart Versions