This release fixes a missing flow issue (SDFAB-887, SDFAB-893, SDFAB-904) we discovered in SD-Fabric 1.0.1 release.

Component Versions

SD-Fabric ONOS image

  • tost: registry.aetherproject.org/tost/tost:1.0.2

Sub-component versions:

  • onos: a86c946c2a96fcfccdb74819a610da054401c69d + bb2a72c4806390fd438d3f4391bc5f92cf537867 (missing flow fix)

  • trellis-control: e145f48d34d88351c7ad00e9aab659008b78166b

  • trellis-t3: 0d5757dac9074fff5c0f255a6d9f18aa63786791

  • fabric-tna: 3b059d3f2d9d3e8b7e987851b7bfa0d1316673bd

  • up4: 88f9218e9f76cafee12da0ad4efc95ebc074cc7f


1.0.2 is hot fix that was manually cherry-picked and built

Stratum image

DBUF image

  • dbuf: registry.aetherproject.org/tost/dbuf:1.0.0

PFCP Agent image

  • pfcp-agent: omecproject/upf-epc-pfcpiface:master-fcdbc95

Helm Chart Versions